Saturday, January 06, 2007

Brenda Clark

When I was a young lad of 15 or so, my father introduced me to his longtime business associates and friends Gary and Brenda Clark. I recall meeting them when we stayed at their home for 2 weeks during our tour of Washington D.C. Gary Clark, an avid hunter and fisher, took us out into the Virginia wilderness on a quest for small mouth bass.

I did know, from that trip, and subsequent meetings at Servicemaster conferences that Brenda has spent many years struggling with cancer. I don't know if it started after I met her, as I don't recall that being an issue then. I do remember she was a wonderful host and a good friend to my parents. They lived (still live?) in a lovely home modeled after a famous estate in Colonial Williamsburg.

My father reports that Brenda passed away while I was in Korea. He is attending the funeral. While I didn't know her very well, I do know that she will be dearly missed by my family and others at Servicemaster. Let us all keep her in our thoughts and prayers.

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