Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two Links, a Gary Fisher, and a Didgeridoo

The start of my break has begun in earnest with my first truly slow day, as I took things easy and relaxed quite a bit. Tried to wake up late. Figured I'd make it a productive day, but still take it easy. The events for the day went as follows:

1. Both my parents left for work, leaving me stuck in the "burbs." Then I had about 6 hours to see what an exciting, dynamic and interesting neighborhood where my parents live in the South-Westernmost corner of Denver.

2. Futzed around the house digging up my old clothes, boxes, pictures and things I'd left behind for the past four years. Man I've got a whole lotta crap sitting around! And this doesn't even include the stuff my folks put in storage! My Black Belt Certificate from Cordova Martial Arts. Staff picture from Camp AZDA (forgot the name of that cute nurse I liked). My Japanese cell phone. T-shirts I've had since High School. A framed shot of me hanging off Devil's Tower. My Yukata. The laundry hamper I used in the NAU dorms. My High School Yearbook. A framed poster signed by the late Alex Lowe. And of course all the junk I brought back from Kuwait.

3. After reveling in the fantastic excitement that is my parent's home and neighborhood, I just couldn't take any more of the stimulation around the house, lest sensory overload give me a nervous breakdown, and force my parents to put me in a straight-jacket in a rubber room somewhere near Ohio. So what did I do? Write in my blog and go for a run outside. The run was esp. pleasant, and considering the altitude and how little I've exercised for the past 3 months, I'm pleased with my stamina.

4. Inventoried food in the basement for the Colorado Trail. I had to escape the excitement and mental stimulation somehow.

5. My dad was concerned about me being overstimulated and winding up in the rubber room, or whatever, so he took pity on me and drove me down to the Littleton Family YMCA. I joined the gym and flexed my atrophied muscles for an hour or so. And they have indeed been lying dormant for TOO long.

6. Looked at the old Gary Fisher mountain bike I left in the garage 4 years ago. The tires limped flat and the chain was covered in rust. The rest of the bike was caked in mud. Definitely replacing the chain. But the components all seem to be in good shape, so after I add some semi-slicks and a pile of grease, I should have a pretty good commuter setup.

I'm also just within range of Littleton Station on the light rail, so quite a bit of metro Denver is open to me. And a trail network should connect me to the Littleton Family YMCA. HA! I won't have to buy a car after all!

7. Pestered my Dad about the UPS box that arrived. He wouldn't tell me. Finally found out he's got a new didgeridoo! OF ALL THINGS! He's never been Down Under, nor shown any particular interest in aboriginal Australian culture or Australia. Nor has he to my knowledge ever shown interest in musical instruments as long as I've known him (awhile I suppose).

But judging fom the quality and price of the didgeridoo he bought, and the instructional DVDs, he's dead serious about learning it. Further pestering on my part revealed that the throat muscles people utilize for didgeridoos can cure my father's snoring problems, an ailment that has plagued my mother for at least 3 decades now. I figure I can make fun of him playing it for a few more days without any serious consequenses!
Also, here's a couple links for people interested in the Colorado Trail (CT).

PMAGS: Paul Magnanti's Outdoor Ramblings, Journeys, & Photos
Paul Magnanti's site contains a journal and a very rough guide for the CT. This guy is a "Triple Crowner," someone who's done the Appalachian Trail (AT), the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and the Continental Divide Trail (CDT), the three epic long distance hiking trails that traverse the contiguous United States.
Check out his

Chomp's Ongoing Adventures
This guy has a great album covering most of the Colorado Trail. Lots of great shots to get me inspired. I'm also shamelessly stealing one of these shots for this post!

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