Saturday, January 05, 2008

Reflecting on the New Year

Now I'm back in Kuwait now reflecting on where I've been this year, where I've been, what I've done, and where I want to go with my life this year and beyond.

Some Highlights from 2007 (not all inclusive and not in any particular order) :
  1. Made some great travels and journeys in Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Kuwait, and Egypt.
  2. Finished working in Japan and started a newer, more challenging job here in Kuwait at Universal American School
  3. Went skydiving for the first time. There will definitely be a second time.
  4. Got my Nitrox diving certificate and did some great diving in Egypt. Now dive centers will give me tanks with up to 40 percent oxygen!
  5. Saw my parents, grandparents, and most of the rest of my family during the summer. The only regret I have is that I did not get to see my sister Noelle and her husband Seth.

Some Lowpoints from 2007 (not all inclusive and not in any particular order) :
  1. New computer is equipped with Windows Vista. :( My next computer will definitely be a Mac.
  2. Left behind numerous friends in Japan. You will all be sorely missed!
  3. Still haven't managed to keep track of all my friends' and loved ones' birthdays. This was my resolution last year and I still haven't been successful. I think I may pull it off this year.
  4. Still struggling with anger management, self-esteem, insomnia, and mild depression issues, although I think I'm making slight progress in some of these areas at times.
New Year's Resolutions (again, not all inclusive and not in any particular order) :
  1. Remember all my friends' and relatives' birthdays.
  2. Work out and finally get buff. (another thing I failed to do).
  3. Have loose plans to visit Macchu Picchu in South America with friends.
  4. Meet my new nephew, Seth Andrew Holler.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ty,

Aunt Dee here. I have been keeping track of you through your blog. Tomorrow is suppose to be your birthday, I think....I also don't keep track of family or friends birthdays, if I happen to be with someone on there brithday then I wish them a Happy Birthday. Don't put this to high on your things to accomplish next year. Also just so you know my birthday is January 29 and you don't have to remember it either.

Just wanted to say HI, and I hope I get to see you sometime in the next year or so.

Love you lots,
Aunt D

CresceNet said...

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Lipgloss1969 said...

Hi..I'm looking for info on Girgian to use with a first grade class (I teach 4th grade in East TN now) and came across your blog. I glanced through it and it was a jog down memory lane. I taught in Kuwait at Dasman Model School in the late 90's. I thought fingerprinting was awful, was the chest many women before me had worn that gown!

I loved the gold souks in Hawalli..I bought a computer there too.

It has made me a little homesick for Kuwait. I don't want to live there again, but I would love to visit for a couple of weeks.

I met my husband there (he was coaching their National Basketball team) and we got married there at the ministeries building. I would love for our son to see the country.

I remember those 2 years fondly..and you're can be really hot. I recently heard from a friend there that it has been cold..hope you have the right clothes.

Sounds like you're making a lot of good memories.

Take care,

Melanie Duncan

Curly said...

Hi teach, Curly here ;p just want to say hi, and if you ever want to find a place that sells Koshari, it's GAD :D.

The Pittmeister said...

My birthday in August 31st!

minakami blonde said...

Hey Tyler,

Yuya and I just looked through your blog and loved your pictures and stories! So glad to hear things are going well for you there. We loved the cat picture you had posted about a year ago best...we are dying for a cat!

Best wishes,

PS: Have a great year! XXX

Tyler Beal said...

Which cat picture?