Saturday, January 05, 2008

Red Sea Coast of Hurghada

Left Luxor after getting sick of the touts and hucksters. A four hour bus trip turned into a seven hour bus trip because they couldn't figure out how to close the broken door. A semi-w0rkable duct tape and bailing wire solution eventually got us on the road again, but I missed any possible New Year's Eve festivities. Oh well.

The diving in Hurghada the following day made up for it though. The dive sites in Hurgada were actually more crowded, if such a thing could be imagined. But it was still good fun. One dive in particular had especially good coral that appeared to be in good shape. Visibility wasn't very good by Red Sea standards, but decent.

Again, I was diving on Nitrox and definitely think this is the way to go. You just feel better after a dive. You don't have so much cotton mouth and your lungs don't feel as heavy afterward. I would esp. recommend Nitrox to divers doing 3 or more dives a day at moderate depths (less than 20 meters).

Also had dinner at a tasty Lebanese resturaunt. Had taboula for the first time, which is a white dip/spread for bread made from egg whites, olive oil and garlic. Very delicious.

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