Saturday, December 01, 2007

Tyler. Egypt. December. It's on.

Some of you may or may not know that I'm going to Egypt this year for Christmas and the Winter Holidays. While I will miss all my family and friends, I'm looking forward to this very well deserved (and well needed) vacation. Things on the Agenda include:

1. Unwinding from a whole semester with seventh graders.

2. Scuba Diving in the Red Sea, ostensibly some of the best scuba diving in the world.

3. Taking an 8 day desert safari tour. (Picture Tyler as Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient. Staring off at a sunset over sand dunes with a brooding angst splattered across his pasty sunburned face).

4. Being a total tourist at the Pyramids and the Valley of the Kings.


geraldo said...

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yohei said...

Hey Tyler,

man you're really in Kuwait!! (yeah, kinda late to say that...) reading your blog made me wanna go out and explore the world. but i guess i have to finish my book first as your granddad.

well, if you go to Luxor, tomb of Tuthmosis III at the valley of the kings would be the one i'd highly recommend. it feels a bit like being Indiana Jones yourself, going up and down thru a narrow path! wish you a great holiday in Egypt!!