Monday, December 15, 2008

Springing to Life

My lethargic, unemployment-induced unstructured routine has come to a sudden, abrupt halt with news about when and where I'll be shipping off to Korea. I got word from my new employer to ship out before Christmas, and I must book a ticket as soon as possible: before Christmas preferably.

All those tasks and chores I've put off so long suddenly take on new urgency. What to throw away? What to sell? What to donate to the Salvation Army? What to take with me to the Korean Peninsula?

Other things with no question about them: Write the blog entries I've been meaning to get done; Watch and return videos to Ed Cook; clean room; make necessary purchases for Korea; finish scanning old photographs; get Christmas presents for people, etc.

In many ways, its good. Its been so long since I've put in an honest day's work that I've forgotten how good it can feel at times. As I'm sure many people are no doubt finding in the current economic crisis, unemployment saps you, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I'm coming to realize that people (myself included) need a purpose or at least tasks to accomplish in order to be healthy and happy.

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