Thursday, February 28, 2008

Liberation Week

This week in Kuwait marks Liberation Week, a period of long overdue R&R that myself and most of my students are in desperate need of. As I understand it (and I'm painfully embarrassed by my lack of effort to learn and understand it) Liberation Week marks Kuwait's Independence Day and Kuwait's Day of Liberation from Iraq. Coincidentally (or by divine providence if you ask the Kuwaitis), the two days are only about a week apart. So rather than just taking one day off for each holiday, the Kuwaitis had the brilliance and inspiration to just take the whole week off. One of the more intelligent things they've done around here if you ask me!

And how do the Kuwaitis celebrate, you ask? No Barbeques? No fireworks or parades either? Well, how about just running around at all hours of the night spraying silly string on cars? Or we could just drive around and honk our horns at all hours of the night. Seriously, this is what young people do during this holiday. You get yourself about 10 cans of silly string, go to the mall, and start spraying anybody or anybody's car with a product very similar to cans of silly string. I went out to find every single car on the road covered in goo! Quite a sight and definitely a lot of fun.

Here's a picture of Liberation Tower. Liberation tower is the tall one dominating the skyline. They built it after Saddam Hussein and the Iraqis retreated.

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Anonymous said...

The holiday sure was nice, don't you think?