Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I don't like Osaka

I'm currently in Osaka at an internet cafe/overpriced comic book library place for geeks. I am staying at a capsule hotel/ wacky (even by Japanese standards) bath sauna massage establishment.

These last few days have been somewhat exciting, visiting Nagano Prefecture, I had the chance to visit Matsumoto Castle, which is absolutely stunning. It is one of the best castles I have seen to date. I went up there with Erika, and we had a good time. I also got to sample several types of the local specialty: basashi. Basashi is raw horsemeat, and I can now say I've sampled several different cuts, including the hind legs and the mane (my new favorite).

I also went skiing in Hakuba, where the Nagano Winter Olympics were held for the first time. Unfortunately, there hasn't been enough snow around here, and only the higher-up runs onany resort were open. It was a pretty area though, with rugged looking mountains that should have been covered in snow!

I'm now currently in Osaka and growing to hate this place. I can travel almost anywhere, but every time I go to Osaka 2 things happen: 1. It rains cats and dogs. 2. My Japanese goes right down the toilet. It happened when my mother was here, and it happened again today. I'm never coming back to Osaka, despite being one of the few places in Japan where I can get Mexican food. (The burrito and Dos Equis were delicious).


今旅行します。昨日は長野県の白馬スキー所へ行きました。今大阪市にいます。大阪はあまりきらいです!大阪にくるときにいつも雨が降ります。そして大阪がすきじゃないよ! でもメキシコのレストランがあります。おいしかったよ!

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