Tuesday, April 20, 1999

Recollections: Climbing in "Booger Hollow"

My Recollections are instances in my life that I fondly recall for any number of reasons and I've written all of them down on or after June 2009, although the events take place over a very wide time span in my lifetime. Everything you see below is an account of my memory, which can be fickle and unreliable, yet often yields the most important life lessons and records those crucial formative instances in one's life story.

Scott and I took off with Chris sometime after 7 PM for Arkansas, where Chris and I planned to initiate Scott Fiddler into the fine sport of rock climbing in a steep gorge in Arkansas' Ozark mountains near a little hamlet called Booger Hollow (yes, a town actually exists with that name). Scott drove his Jeep SUV, while Chris and I brought the gear and chipped in for gas. After 4-5 hours, we arrived after midnight and camped out in a dark little forest not far from the bluffs we'd climb on the next day.

Here's an album of the event below. As you can see, we had a great time. Scott had a blast learning, and Chris and I both found teaching him rewarding.

For me, it was a coming of age. I was months away from graduating high school, and then becoming legally unentangled from my parents. Its the first instance where I took such a long trip that was completely unsupervised and unstructured except for what we made it. I'd climbed bigger climbs, and I'd been to Booger Hollow before without parents (with Chris previously), but doing so on the brink of adulthood made it different somehow.

Scott & I had a bunch of great tales to tell in school the following day, while we'd bonded better and had more fun at work with Chris.

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