Monday, February 15, 1999

Recollections: My Friend Scott Fiddler

My Recollections are instances in my life that I fondly recall for any number of reasons and I've written all of them down on or after June 2009, although the events take place over a very wide time span in my lifetime. Everything you see below is an account of my memory, which can be fickle and unreliable, yet often yields the most important life lessons and records those crucial formative instances in one's life story.

I met my friend Scott Fiddler my senior year of High School and consider forming this friendship a turning point in my life socially. During most of Middle and High School, I was a social pariah, finding it difficult to form friendships even in the marching band, a place many socially awkward people often make refuge for their awkward, nerdy selves. Before my senior year, I was known more for an outrageous temper and a love of napalm than my ability to make friends and fit in with a peer group.

Scott played tennis and ran track at Houston High School, and was therefore several orders of magnitude cooler than I was (or so I thought). He was a friend who in many ways raised my standing in the school (again, so I thought). And while I hardly reached this conclusion back then, I know it now for sure: Scott and his friends helped me realize the way one acts affects their ability to make friendships and get along with a group. Even in High School.

I met him in a mathmetics class senior year, and while I probably thought then my cool stories about rock climbing and river rafting helped me get along with that bunch, I realize now that it wasn't that at all, but my interest in those people and my efforts to make friends and fit in.

They'd heard my story about the Baskin Robbins burning down, and Scott told me his landscaping boss was looking for a helping hand part time and full time this summer. So he let me tag along, and we headed out to work together every afternoon that spring to rake pine needles, lay mulch, trim trees, lay stone pavers and build garden retaining walls for Charles Farenkompf (spelling)?

I was grateful for the job, I was grateful for the frienship, and I was always grateful for his generosity. It wasn't till much later I realized he wasn't popular because he was all that cool, he was cool and popular because he was a great friend.

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