Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The American holiday of Thanksgiving came and went with little fanfare here in Japan. Things went pretty much as usual (extremely busy). As regular readers can tell, I haven't been updating things as much as I was before. This is because I am extremely busy! But, inspired by the section from Brenden, I have decided to write my own list of things I am thankful for.

I also feel extremely guilty, because I have forgotten to call, email, or talk to relatives back home during Thanksgiving! I promise to do this promtly. I also forgot to call my grandmother and wish her a happy birthday! I feel terrible!

Anyways, here's the list of things I'm thankful for:

1. A God who loves me in spite of all that I am and do.

2. Parents and relatives who also love and care about me very much. I also am grateful that I have a grandmother who is cool enough to love me in spite of the fact that I forgot her birthday! I promise I will make it up to her!

3. Yaki-Niku (Korean style BBQ restaurants they have here in Japan. Mexican food is kind of scarce, but this will do for now!)

4. Friends and relatives here in Japan and back at home that love and care about me.

5. A job and a paycheck that I can live on with some to spare. If only everyone could be so lucky.

6. The opportunity to immerse myself in another culture, language and society. I have learned so much and continue to learn so much. I honestly believe everyone should do this for at least 1 year.

7. The Katahira Chugakko (Junior High School) PTA. Your parties are always off the hook! I'll take your nomikais and karaoke over the BBQs and potluck dinners of the PTAs in the USA! Seriously, the Katahira PTA rocks!

8. A college education. I'm seriously glad that I have had the privilege of a well rounded education. Now I won't wallow in ignorance for the rest of my life. Thanks mom and dad! And thanks to NAU. Go Lumberjacks!

9. Toilet paper. How did we ever get along without it on a regular basis?

10. Health. I am thankful to be healthy and alive with few serious medical problems. Today, I was at a seminar for English teachers in Fukushima eating lunch with a guy named Christian LaPierre. Before he eats at a restaurant, he has to go through a long speech and menu analysis with the servers about his deadly food allergies!

11. Mexican Food. Kind of hard to come by in these parts, but I know its waiting for me when I get back to the USA. Rice and Miso Soup will have to do for now.

I'll add more things later on, so check back soon!

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The Pittmeister said...

Sorry, but I am kind of spelling Nazi and you have no spelt the word "promptly" incorrectly twice in recent blog postings. If you cannot correct your chronic disregard for the spellings of the English language, I will have to confiscate your "Native Speaker" badge in favor someone who can spell properly.