Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Caption Contest is Back in Action!

Last week's (2 weeks ago?) photo caption contest was quite memorable, with 2 entries from Skilz. So by non-participatory default, the winner of the previous entry, and reigning caption champion Skilz once again retains his title, this time with: "Too poor to afford a Dale Earnhardt t-shirt, Sasquatch decided that the next best thing would be to wax the number 3 into his overgrown back hair."

This weeks contest picture is the other picture. (Obviously.) A large black bull staring at the camera. This picture comes courtesy of Suzanne Gamelin, who I believe sent it to me over a year ago in some kind of forwarded email with fun pictures. Anyways, put a caption on it and challenge Skilz to his title in the heavyweight Belly Button Caption Contest!!


The Pittmeister said...

(In Australian accent) "Crikey! After galloping through the streets of Pampolona and spearing numerous tourists and thrill seekers from around the world with his razor tipped horns, Ferdinand the bull decides to make one final stab at the camera before heading off into the hills to live peacefully smelling flowers."

The Pittmeister said...

Round trip airfare: 1,200 dollars

Festival clothing: 30 dollars

High speed action camera and film: 500 dollars

Getting gored by a bull: Priceless!